A Train Ride

The most popular way to travel is by car. After all, it’s the most common vehicle type. Most people don’t have their own airplanes, or trains, or helicopters. Jetpacks aren’t really a thing yet. I don’t always get to travel by train. But when I do, I enjoy it.

Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have to be active during a train ride. I’m free to do as I please. I can read a book if I feel like it. Or I could watch a video on my phone. The great thing is that I get to choose. This isn’t the case when I’m driving. While driving, I always need to keep an eye on the road. I can’t read a book or watch a movie. Maybe I’ll be able to do that in 15 years if I ever have a self-driving vehicle.

I’d like to highlight a recent train ride I was on. I went from Philadelphia to Washington, DC. Let me first say that, if you are ever in Philadelphia, eat a cheesesteak! Now, the train ride was good, but not great. They advertised free WiFi, which was something I was excited about. I wanted to watch something on Netflix from my phone. However, the WiFi was essentially broken. I was not happy about that. But my ride was only a couple of hours.

It was nice to “go sightseeing” from the train. I saw buildings, small towns, and beautiful rivers. The most shocking part of the trip was riding through a part of Baltimore. It looked as if I were traveling through a war zone. Buildings were abandoned and so much seemed devastated. Factories were closed and many of the windows were broken. When I arrived at my destination, I was happy to be on my feet again. I do enjoy traveling by train.

Puerto Rican Cuisine

The great thing about this post is not only an appreciation of Puerto Rican cuisine. It’s not only something experiences from afar, akin to some type of biography. Instead, this would classify as a type of “autobiography”. The great thing about writing about Puerto Rican food is that I experienced it firsthand. Even better, I experienced it in Puerto Rico!

When I was there, I visited many towns and cities. I spent time in San Juan, Old San Juan (the touristy area), Cayay, and Caguas, among other places. Puerto Rico is closest to Florida. However, the food is a world of difference.

Sure, one can find the standard fast food restaurants which are in every state. Puerto Rico, after all, is a commonwealth of the U.S. At the same time, Puerto Rico is a country. The point of this writing isn’t to go into the whys of its status. Instead, let’s get right down into the food.

Plantains are delicious. They look just like bananas. They feel just like bananas. But don’t eat them raw! Plantains are cooked and fried. When they are finished, they taste like fries. Coconut tree can be found scattered all throughout the island. Also, one can find someone selling coconuts in many places. People even sell coconuts on the side of the road. It usually comes with a straw. What for. you might ask? Well, that’s the easiest way to drink the coconut water! The salesperson will usually have some type of large knife to cut open the top of the coconut. Then, they will simply throw the straw inside of the coconut. The coconut water is always cold! And it’s delicious as well.

The best way to try and taste Puerto Rican cuisine is to go there. This way, one will find the most authentic types of meals. Other places that have authentic Puerto Rican cuisine are certain areas of New York and Florida, where there is a large Puerto Rican population.