My Korea Trip

People don’t necessarily know what to expect when they travel to a foreign country. They know the food will be different, except for many a Starbucks or McDonald’s they might find. They know the people will be different, although English is one of the world’s most spoken languages. And they know the terrain will be different, even though we have nearly all types of landscapes here in America. So what did I expect when I traveled to South Korea? I expected everything to be new. And I was right.

Even the airport was amazing. I visited Korea many years ago. The technology was advanced. It seemed more advanced than what I was used to. There was one major thing they had, that Americans didn’t. They had smartphones! I was shocked an amazed. I hadn’t seen anything like it. at the time, I believe most people in the States had those Nokia brick phones. The iPhone had not been released yet. I remember walking around downtown Seoul and seeing a smartphone in the window. It was playing The Simpsons. I stood in amazement, wondering what type of device it was. I realized it was a phone, and it was very cool.

Another thing I realized was that Korea is very green. Likewise, there is a lot of greenery in the Korean diet. Koreans eat numerous green vegetables, I suppose like Americans do. But they are different in Korea. A quick visit to an Asian supermarket will show that.

One major thing about Korea is that there is not much English there. Unlike Europe, signs are mostly in Korean. Asia has been mostly secluded from the Western world. And it shows. Fashions, foods, and culture are distinctly Asian and specifically Korean. Stop by next week to learn more about my Korean trip. There will be some surprises!

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